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Director denies any resemblance of movie The Donkey King with Pakistan politic

The hype about Pakistan’s animated movie “The Donkey King” is mind-blowing. Its premiere was held on Friday at a local multiplex

As the teasers released of the animated film The Donkey King, a few weeks back, it has created a great hype all over the Pakistani media.

The hype was to do with the dialogues that refer Pakistani politics, making it more interesting. Despite this, the director, Aziz Jindani denied agreeing.

When interviewed by Dawn, Aziz said: “The film’s story idea clicked similarly as the apple dropped in front of Isaac Newton. It is more of a social story instead of interpreting it as a political story”.

And justified his statement saying “If the story had to do about politics, then what is the reason to do it with animated characters” he proudly claimed that the film animation quality will be a standard for the movie makers in Pakistan.

The cast includes Chacha Pehlwan, played like a veteran comedian by Ismail Tara. He happily expressed his emotions for this film saying “The film is of a high level and a very good movie.”

Donkey King named as Mangu in the movie dubbed by (John Rambo) as the main role. His father (Javed Sheikh) has died but speaks to his son through a framed picture. The animated film is located in Azad Nagar, a land ruled by a lion (Ghulam Mohiuddin) having a womanish kind of son obsessed with his fame on social media. Fitna Begum (Hina Dilpazeer) a fox, as an advisor of the king, a villainess in The Donkey King.

The director, Jindani has used more of a social tone than political in his scripts and dialogues. He used Urdu proverbs and idioms quoting the main role gadha (donkey) as well as references from tv and films of the subcontinent. The roles must be appreciated for their excellent work, the clear voiceovers and dubbing has nothing to crib about.

Thus, it would be the injustice not to appreciate the work of animators and their efforts in making one of the few Pakistan’s animated movies. It is true to say that the Donkey King stands on a higher rank among other animated movies.

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