female car mechanic

First female car mechanic in Pakistan, inspiring females for new challenges.

Female Car Mechanic: Uzma Nawaz, the first female auto mechanic in Pakistan, is breaking hindrances with her extraordinary and special attitude by demonstrating ladies can essentially do everything without exception when they have made their brains to it.

She faces many challenges and one of them is the financial state of her family which is not very good.  The young lady isn’t the one to surrender. She skipped meals with the end goal to finish her degree as her background was not rich.

female car mechanic

She also told the news agency that many individuals normally get stunned when they see me doing this work.

Uzma Nawaz is breaking stereotypes by turning into the first female auto technician of Pakistan.

Uzma was born and grown in an impoverished town of dunyapur in eastern Pakistan’s Punjab province, She completed her education through scholarships.

She completed all tasks with perfection and dedication, whatever we give her during duty, told by her teammate Mr. M Attaullah.

female car mechanic

In our society, it doesn’t appear to be decent if a female works at the mechanical workshop, however, it is her obsession,  told by her dad Muhammad Nawaz.

You go, young lady, that is all we would state!

Picture & Video Courtesy: @AFP/Youtube

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