A man who feeds to thousand of Birds every day

A man who feeds to thousand of Birds every day.

A man who feeds to thousand of Birds every day: Among the buzzing about of Chennai in southern India, 62-year-old Sekar – known as ‘India’s Birdman’ – ascends at 4 am to set up the feed for his feathered companions

Sekar fills in as a camera professional, which acquires him a day by day $13 paycheck, and he spends about 40 percent of his salary on nourishment for his parakeets.

He also told that when he sees these birds flying in the air happily, my eyes well up.

A BIG-HEARTED winged creature sweetheart has been nourishing a large number of wild parakeets two times every day for a long time – from the solace of his own home

The devotee ornithologist, who fills in as a camera professional, gets ready thick columns of rice on boards of wood on his rooftop porch.

Up to 4,000 parakeets per day at that point light up the sprawling lanes of Chennai in the Indian territory of Tamil Nadu, as they rush to Sekar’s home.

The feathered creatures feed once early in the day and by and by at night – giving a staggering exhibition to individuals in the city beneath.

Sekar’s one of a kind associated with the winged animals started after his city was hit by a Tsunami 10 years back, and two parakeets sat on his parapet divider.

It increases in numbers from 50-100 folds, as two parakeets brought two more, turning into thousands of them.

At the point when Sekar began sustaining the fowls he was forgetting 1kg of rice multi-day, however, he is presently giving 60kg to his a great many feathered guests.

Picture & Video Courtesy: @Beast Buddies/Facebook

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