Train running without driver

Train running without driver with a speed of 90km per hour

Train running without driver: A heavily loaded train with iron ore on the runway had left its track accidently in Sweden after traveling through Australian outback in great speed for almost one hour.

The incident describes the scenario as the 268-wagon train began its solo journey when the driver got down from his own cab to do some work but lately he saw the train speeding around 110km per hour.

BHP, having the four trains which they owned, before reaching to the town of Port Hedland has chosen to derail near its Western Australia Pilbara site, and turned to the other side.

The good point about this incident was that it harmed no human life; however it has affected the track badly around 1,500 meters (i.e. 1,600 yards)

The west Australian has published pictures regarding the destructions. The pictures were about few wagons covered by tons of iron ore.

Regarding the fixing of track and train recovery BPH has shown its concern as to provide fast recovery and huge mining facilities to begin within a week.

It is to note that Australia is one of the world largest sources for iron ore saying about the recovery of train, BHP has decided to use these iron ore according to the needs without limitations and the operations would be followed in a systemic way.

According to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau there was no clue about the incident on Monday, that how it had happened without the presence of the train’s driver. This statement was made after the investigation by the team.
BHP’s shares were trading 1.21 percent was bring down at Aus$33.14 in Sydney Wednesday in the middle of reports in Britain which are about the Anglo-Australian firm. It states that the firm was confronting a £5 billion (US$6.5 billion) claim over the dangerous Samarco dam failure in Brazil in 2015.

Picture & Video Courtesy: @Aussie Write Offs / Facebook

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