Small Taj Mahal

An Indian man who assembled ‘Small Taj Mahal’ for spouse dies accident

Small Taj Mahal: Qadri got serious wounds on Thursday in an attempt at manslaughter episode in Kesar Kalan.

Faizul Hasan Qadri, who hit features for building a ‘scaled down Taj Mahal’ in memory of his late spouse in Bulandshahr region of Uttar Pradesh, has been killed in a street mischance, police said on Saturday.

Small Taj Mahal

Qadri got serious wounds in the late Thursday attempt at manslaughter occurrence in Kesar Kalan. The 83-year-old resigned postmaster was conceded in the hospital where he passed on Friday.

He had started building his smaller than normal Taj Mahal in 2012 in memory of Taja Mulli Bibi. The couple was hitched in 1953.

He couldn’t finish his ‘landmark of love’ as he burned through the entirety of his reserve funds in the essential structure.

After the news of the ‘Taj Mahal’ spread, the then Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav brought Qadri to Lucknow and offered him assets to finish the structure and complete the marble work.

Qadri affably declined the offer and asked the Samajwadi Party pioneer to build up a young ladies school in his town.

The school is up and running and even was given some land by Qadri. His relatives said the previous postmaster had spared Rs2 lakh and was set to buy marble from Jaipur to end his structure, however, predetermination interceded.

His relatives presently plan to cover him nearby his significant other, much the same as Mughal head Shah Jahan was by his better half Mumtaz.

They would likewise entire Qadri’s Taj Mahal in a terrific way. The family has declined after the death of his body.

Picture & Video Courtesy: @The Quint/Youtube , Simon de Trey-White

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