American Women marrying young Pakistani boy

USA woman touches base in Pakistan to wed Sialkot-based Boy.

American Women marrying young Pakistani boy: An American woman named Helena has touched base in Pakistan to get married with her affection forever, an adolescent hailing from Sialkot named Kashif.

The US woman had met 21 years more youthful kid at an online site and their bond got so solid that they both chose to get married to him. Detailed by a news reporter.

The report additionally said that the lady will likewise grasp Islam before starting her conjugal life.

As indicated by the media reports, all arrangements for the wedding have been finished, saying his relatives are set to go to the exceptional event.

In April, an Indian lady who came to Pakistan to go to the conventional Besakhi celebration wedded a Pakistani man and grasped Islam.

After her marriage, Kiran Bala’s name was changed to Amna Bibi, who said that she needed to get married to Azam, an occupant of Hanjarwal, Lahore and that she would not like to come back to India.

Because of the present circumstance, Amna asked for the experts to expand her visa with the goal that she could remain in Pakistan. As indicated by the lady, she additionally has gotten death dangers following her marriage.

As social media grows with great pace results in Inter-social weddings are being seen and getting normal.

We wish all those couples cheerful lives ahead.

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